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rst2man is a virtual package, then you need install python-docutils package than provide rst2man and utilities for the documentation of Python. trusty (1) rst2mangz. Provided by: docutils-common__all · bug. NAME. rst2man - generate unix manpages from reStructured text. SYNOPSIS. rst2man. 23 Oct TODO: authors and author with name SYNOPSIS ======== ktrskateboardschool.com inputfile outputfile DESCRIPTION =========== rst2man.

10 Nov Error when compiling varnish "You need rst2man installed to make dist". Kenny Deckers kennyds at ktrskateboardschool.com Thu Nov 10 CET. 3 Sep ktrskateboardschool.com is required to view aws help, but is not installed on OS X by default. Not knowing much about Python, I tried digging around in. 15 Aug aws-cli help does require ktrskateboardschool.com and fails if rst2man (ktrskateboardschool.com) is present. % lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor.

Package, Summary, Distribution, Download. python-docutilssvn ktrskateboardschool.com, Python Documentation Utilities, Mageia Cauldron for i 9 Jan brew install docutils provides /usr/local/bin/ktrskateboardschool.com for macOS users. (I believe this will be how most macOS users get docutils as. 5 Jan --title=TITLE: Specify the document title as metadata. --generator, -g: Include a " Generated by Docutils" credit and link. --no-generator: Do not. 3 Sep The Debian maintainer has it easy: there is already a suitable rst2man package in Debian. But not so for Fedora and I guess other distributions. Specifies list of addresses, where to listen for TCP connections. You may also use * meaning "listen on all addresses". When not set, only Unix socket.

Adds options to the compiler command line for targets in the current directory and below that are added after this command is invoked. See documentation of the. [PATCH] doc: Allow ktrskateboardschool.com as an alternative to rst2man. Tomi Ollila tomi. ollila at ktrskateboardschool.com Sat Jan 3 PST Previous message: BUG: Using pointer. Date, Status, Target, Pocket, Component, Section, Priority, Phased updates, Version. UTC, Obsolete, Ubuntu Jaunty i, release. "You need rst2man installed to make dist" From other posts I've read, I believe it is part of a package from python, python-docutil or something.

Recent Comments. Tryfon Farmakakis. Is there a repository for latest Guake for ? Is it going to be added in this one? UbuntuUpdates - PPA: Webupd8 · 2. 24 Jul You'll have to install the rst2man tool that is presently only available in docutils starts including rst2man as part of their standard distribution. rst2man(1) - generate unix manpages from reStructured text rst2man-indent-level 0 1 rstReportMargin \$1 \n[an-margin] level \n[rst2man-indent-level] level. rst2man man page. A compilation of Linux man pages for all commands in HTML.


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