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Aqua silencer

Aqua silencer

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Aqua Silencer – “A Noise & Emission Controller” - Free download as PDF File . pdf) or read online for free. This help engineering students on various topics. 25 Oct Aqua silencer ppt. 1. AQUA SILENCER Group members- Guided By- 1. Ankit Gujrathi Prof. S.B. Salvi 2. Harsh Nandan 3. Akshay Holkar; 2. Aqua Silencer ” is an attempt made to deal with the control of overall emissions & undesirable sound at tail pipe of a vehicle, before it is emitted to the.

An aqua silencer is generally attached to the exhaust of 2-strokeengine. In this Aqua silencer both the Lime water wash method and Absorption method are used. In aqua silencer the main component perforated tube which consists of The aqua silencer reduces emission noise because, the sound produced in aqua. Aqua silencer. ktrskateboardschool.com ktrskateboardschool.come1, ktrskateboardschool.com ktrskateboardschool.com2,. 1 Asst. Prof. Mechanical Engg Dept, STC SERT, Khamgaon, Maharashtra, India. 2UG Student of.

Aqua Silencer. Shweta B. Said1, Sonali P. Wagh2, Prachi D. Gaikwad3, Swapnil Kondo4. 1Student, Department of Mechanical, Guru Gobind Singh College of. In view of addressing this major contributor, paper focused on modification of conventional silencer by introducing redesigned Aqua silencer that minimizes. 1 Jan Explore Aqua Silencer with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on. Abstract—Aqua Silencer is a modified version of a conventional silencer aimed at the reduction of toxic emission from the exhaust of an IC engine into the. ISSN (online): All rights reserved by ktrskateboardschool.com Effect of Aqua Silencer & Catalytic Converter on. Exhaust Emission: A Review. Jayvir Shah.


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