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Stretch Before you Skate

Most seasoned skaters will back-up the importance of stretching before skating.  Stretching not only allows you to steez out those ollies more, but prevents all sorts of injury.  Below are a few tips from Aaron Goure – one of KTR’s finest skaters- to get you started.  Remember to listen to your body when it says, “Ow!”, and ease into each stretch, so you don’t pull a muscle in the process.  Also, try not to stretch when your muscles are stiff; go for a short skate or walk to warm up those muscles. If you stick with it, you’ll be making up your own stretches in no time!

The LungeThe Lunge Tip: Keep your feet flat on the ground

Indian Style/ Groin StretchInner Thigh/ Groin Stretch Tip: Lean forward until you feel the stretch

Knee Stretch Tip: Squat and try to get both heels on the floor

Sitting Hamstring Stretch Tip: Hold stretches for at least 15 seconds

Thigh and Achilles Stretch Tip: Keep back foot flat on the ground

That’s it for today, now go skate and feel the difference!