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Congrats Jagger: 5th at PHX Am

Jagger Eaton had a hot weekend at the 2014 PHX Am, landing himself a 5th place overall.  Out of 200 competitors, the climb to the finals was no easy task. Enough said, below is a look at his qualifying run which will leave you speechless.  Also great job to all the other KTR riders who were out there shredding, Jett Eaton, Kyle Adams, Alana Smith, Shane Short.


Flash Forward: KTR Skaters Prepare for PHX AM

The 12th Annual PHXAM is right around the corner on April 6 & 7!  Five KTR skaters will be competing in the event: Augie Lerma, Jett Eaton, Jagger Eaton, Alana Smith and Deshawn Jordan. Skating KTR together for as long as they can remember, these friends are now skating in the PHX AM together! One of the youngest riders in the competition at age 12, and possibly the only girl is Alana Smith.  This will be Jagger’s 3rd year at Tampa Am, he placed 18th out of 184 competitors last year. With another year under his belt and placing 3rd at Tampa Am, this should be a good contest! Good luck guys!  If you would like to purchase tickets to watch this event, click here.

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Jagger Eaton places among the top at PHX AM!

Last weekend was the Phoenix Am, one of the most highly regarded and respected Am skate contests in the nation.  With that being said, the talent that shows up is insane.  21 year old Ben Hatchell took first this year, but 11 year old Jagger Eaton was close behind.  Just barely missing the finals, Jagger came in 18th out of 184 contestants! Congrats Jagger!

Kids That Rip! in Mesa is Jagger’s home skatepark, so if you want to skate with him, come to a summer camp or open skate.  You’re likely to see him shredding, and pick up some good tips.

Phoenix Am, Jagger Eaton, Coverage

Last weekend was the 2011 Phoenix Am, one of the most respected and high regarded Am skateboarding contests in the nation.  Needless to say, the competition was heated. KTR’s Jagger Eaton, the youngest in the comp at 10 years old, had his first  PHX Am this year and definitely made himself one to watch, placing 72nd out of 160 contestants. For full results click here.

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