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Black Friday Sale!

Head into the holidays with huge savings and Christmas wishes fulfilled! We’ll be having a huge sale in the KTR Skate Shop/Desert Devils Pro Shop on November 27th. We’ll also be open for sessions from 12-4P and 7-10P. Happy Turkey Day!

Follow @kidsthatrip on Instagram for specific deals closer to the date!

View full Thanksgiving Weekend Hours.

9 & Under Podium

Final Standings: Kids of Summer

Another great year of shredding is in the books! In case you didn’t catch the coverage on our Instagram, KTR’s Kids of Summer Series Final was held last Saturday! Check full results below!

1st Timers
1st- Jeffery Marshall
2nd- Matthew Elkins
3rd- Matt Perez
4th- Payton Davison
5th- Kaden Schoose
Series Division Winner- Jeffrey Marshall

9 & Under
1st- Koston Easton
2nd- Griff O’Connor
3rd- Gage Glimcher
4th- Malachi Gray
5th- Logan Steve
6th- Dax Eaton
7th- Kai Schoose
Series Division Winner- Griff O’Connor

Girls Division
1st-  Meg Lemon
2nd- Shea Daumke
2nd- Megan Lopes
Series Division Winner- Shea Daumke

1st- Cage Cocalis
2nd- Tyler Brandt
3rd- Ethan Russell
Series Division Winner- Cage Cocalis

14 & Up
1st- Roman Panell
2nd- Bammer Rasor
3rd- Connor
Series Division Winner- Jack Burton

1st- Jett Eaton
2nd- Lazer Crawford
3rd- Chance Carr
Series Division Winner- Michael Lash


‘CA Build at Home’ Best Trick
Bammer Rasor




Come train with Team Undefined and compete against parkour athletes from around AZ to win awesome prizes! We kick off at 3pm at KTR! Cost is $25.00. Open Gym to follow from 6-10pm. See flyer below.

*Please note, if you are not participating in the jam, the Parkour floor area and floor will be closed for the jam, but the pits and trampolines will still be available.


Results: Kids of Summer Comp #2 of 3

The second of three contests in the series was held last Saturday! Another great turn out with shredding from all ages and skill levels went down. Everyone is racking awesome new gear and racking up points, which is going to make the championship a close battle!  So don’t miss the final contest for the division championship on August 22!  Results from contest #2 and current point standings below.

1st Timers
1st- Payton Davison
2nd- Jeffery Marshall
3rd- Anthony Sanchez
4th- Micah Bramwell
5th- Ezra Bramwell

9 & Under
1st- Gage Glimcher
2nd- Griffen Oconner
3rd- Koston Eaton

Girls Division
1st- Megan Lopes
2nd- Shea Daumke

1st- Tyler Brandt
2nd- Cage Cocalis
3rd- Ethan Russell

14 & Up
1st- Jack Burton
2nd- Tristen Schem
3rd- David Ramos

1st- Michael Lash
2nd- Jett Eaton
3rd- Lazer Crawford

‘CA Build at Home’ Best Trick
Chance Carr