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Sponsored Winners

Kactus-Con 2 Results

KTR was packed with talent as scooter riders battled it out on the Street Course for the Kactus-Con2 scooter competition. Thanks to everyone who came out to ride and make it an awesome day! Also shout-out to our sponsors: Lucky Scooters, Proto Scooters, Hella Grip and Envy Scooters for providing winners with the goods! Check the winners and results below.

8 & under:
1.  Peter Lagunas
2.  Mikey Hawkins
3.  Rocco Piazza

1.  Cameron Cocalis
2.  Jessee Magana
3.  Jace

14 and Up:
1.  Joe
2. Jonathon Hawkins
3.  Noah Bauman

1.  Scotty Freibaum
2.  Jacob D’Arezzo
3.  Sean Cardwell

Best Trick:
Zach Hammrick

If you missed this one, Kactus-Con comes twice a year in Spring and Winter, so check back for updates to catch the next one.

Day 1 Deal, Dec. 13


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