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Eaton, Smith and Wood Return to X Games

KTR skaters, Jagger Eaton, Alana Smith and Trey Wood will be returning to X Games in Austin this year!  Alana Smith will be competing in Women’s Skateboard Street, Trey Wood in Big Air Skateboard and Jagger Eaton in Amateur Skateboard Street.  Amateur SKateboard Street is a new event to X Games in association with the Boardr Am. Winners from the six stop series (Jagger having won the Houston, TX, stop) battle it out in a Final at X Games Austin!

Events will be aired on ESPN/ABC, check here for both in-person and television schedules.

Here’s a sneak peek of the course they’ll be skating


Catch Jagger 2.0: Wild Grinders Marathon

Catch Jagger Eaton in cartoon form!  A “Wild Grinders” Marathon featuring the Pro Skater episodes is happening on NickToons this Wednesday February 18th at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST – 11PM EST/ 8PM PST!  This of course means, you’ll get to see Jagger 2.0!


Boardr AM Houston: Jagger Takes 1st

KTR locals Jagger Eaton, Jett Eaton, Shane Short, Augie Lerma and Koston Eaton headed out to Houston, TX, this past weekend for the Boardr Am. If you haven’t heard of the Boardr Am yet, it’s definitely a street contest to follow and check out! Here’s why: the winners from each of the 6 stops (Los Angeles-CA, Houston-TX, Tampa-FL, Detroit-MI, NY-NY and one TBA) go head to head in the finals at X Games Austin!  Everyone killed it, and we’re stoked to congratulate Jagger on winning the Houston stop, and although he is a seasoned X Games MegaRamp competitor, this will be his first Street event at X Games.

Check theboardr.com site for more coverage, as I’m sure they’ll be posting recaps soon.



Jagger Eaton Wins Tampa Am!

Congrats Jagger on winning Tampa Am 2014!  At 13 years old and only his second year at Tampa Am, Jagger has won the toughest Amateur skateboard street competition out there!
Check out his winning run below.


Jagger Eaton Films for MTV’s Ridiculousness

If you haven’t seen it, Ridiculousness, is a hit show on MTV hosted by professional skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek. Each episode is filled with ridiculous stunts and videos pooled from YouTube for the cast and celebrity guest to comment on.   KTR skater, Jagger Eaton, was invited to be a guest and will most likely have a few ridiculous videos of his own.  The episode airs early in 2015. Check the show’s website or KTR to find out exactly when you can catch it!

If you missed it, watch Jagger in Dyrdek’s Fully Uploaded.

For now here’s a few behind the scene shots from the filming of Ridiculousness.


My best day! Thank you for making me feel like part of your awesome family… You guys are so much fun!

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Today @jaggereaton took over my hosting duties of ridiculousness…Just as I suspected he was a natural.One day this show will be his!

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Jagger & Alana in East Valley Magazine

In the spirit of “Back to School”, pick up the latest issue of East Valley Mag to catch an article with KTR Academy riders, Jagger Eaton and Alana Smith!  Between travel, competitions and sponsorship obligations they manage the schedules of an adult, but yep, even these two have to balance school!

If issue is not displaying below, click here to read full article.

Alana Smith during finals street run

Alana Smith, 5th Place! KTR at X Games Recap

Congrats to Jagger Eaton and Alana Smith for laying down some amazing skating at X Games last weekend- despite  the extreme humidity and heat of Austin, TX!

Alana Smith: 5th Place Women’s Street. It was a heavy competition at X Games 2014, and Alana was the youngest girl out there. She put together two solid, crowd pleasing runs in the Final. Tricks included: boardslides, backlips, 50-50 ledge grinds, boneless plant off the oil tank, huge ollie into the bank, 360 b/s ollie, ollie of the gravel gap and rail, and a frontside ollie over the drain pipe! She killed it.

Jagger Eaton: 8th Place, Big Air SKB. 10-12knot winds and extreme heat described the conditions out at Big Air Friday evening.  Jagger put down a solid run  with a switch 180 to 540 in the elimination round. The heavy winds a top an 80ft drop, made for an extra challenge. Jagger was also the youngest out in his event.

Overall it was a great event!  Here’s a few photos to enjoy from the event.


Tune-Into X Games

Here is the televised and webcast schedules to watch Jagger Eaton and Alana Smith at X Games. For full event schedule times, visit www.xgames.com

Round 1: ESPN3.com, 5:30PM-6:30PM (PT), 8:30PM-9:30PM (ET)
Finals: ESPN and WatchESPN, 7:00PM (PT), 10PM(ET)

Round 1: ESPN3.com, 11:00AM-12:00PM (PT), 2:00PM-3:00PM (ET)
Finals: ABC, 11AM(PT) – 3:00PM (PT), 2:00-6:00PM(ET)



HashtagMag Catches Up with Jagger Eaton & Alana Smith (Video)

There’s a new online magazine in town (based out of Chandler, AZ), made by and for teens. The first issue will be published online at hashtagthemag.com on 8/1/14, with KTR skaters, Jagger Eaton and Alana Smith as their feature stories. Before these two headed for X Games Austin, the team stopped by KTR to catch up for Jagger and Alana. Check it out the teasers below. There will be more to come!